Bradford Blocker

Cell: 908-578-4743

Email: [email protected]

Bio: From growing up in New Jersey's suburbs to becoming a U.S. Army veteran, and an Ordained Elder, Bradford B. Blocker is a competent real estate professional whose passion for real estate is apparent through his charismatic and friendly approach. He brings to the negotiating table premium and first-class customer satisfaction as he recognizes the value of trust his clientele place in him, as he strives every day to meet their expectations. He is a new real estate agent affiliated with Keller Williams, and he is looking to skyrocket to the top and become one of the best real estate agents in the industry. Prior to joining real estate, he was a seasoned professional driver/administrative assistant with superb interpersonal skills and an eye for efficiency and attention to detail. His skill set includes a strong sense of honesty, accountability and creativity. Able to work well with others and independently to ensure the project is completed at the highest standard possible. These experiences have instilled in him the discipline necessary to build a real estate career founded on being honest and professional in his approach. He is looking to inspire his customers to make insightful decisions and take action to buy their dream home or property. He is dedicated to giving his clients everything they need to make the best-educated choice perfect for their present situation. What makes him stand out is that he treats his clientele like royalty and is looking out for the discerning buyers interested in re-investing into their lives. From studio apartments in the inner city to the palatial mansions of Beverly Hills, he is determined to meet his clients at their point of need. He is great at finding common ground and always eases tension while negotiating a firm deal, which makes both parties happy. If you are looking to get a property today, he is ready to guide you through each process to get you what you need.