Lewis Michael Levinson

Cell: 973.202.2468

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Having always strived to earn the trust of people I have worked with and advised over the years, it was important to me that the real estate firm I represent has integrity and shares my values. These were the deciding factors for me to join the KW Midtown-Direct office in Maplewood and become part of The Mark Slade Homes Team. I was impressed with Mark and his team’s culture, principles, and approach to buyers/sellers being one with ethics and honesty. The added value that I will bring to the table for KW are— - Market Specialist – I know the Livingston, Millburn/Short Hills, South Orange/Maplewood, and West Orange real estate marketplace having lived for 30+ years in this area. - Downsizing Specialist -- I have advised 100+ family and friends on downsizing. - Renovation/Remodeling Expertise – For the buyer I see the property’s potential, am creative, and recommend practical renovations. For those selling, I advise on the home improvements and expert staging to be done to present each home in an optimal light. - Negotiating expertise –Over the years, I have been successful in hundreds of negotiations in taking out the emotion and substituting rationality to enable closure with everyone feeling they did well. - Detailed and Thorough – I am a believer in process, checklists, and follow-through, regardless of whether one is selling or buying real estate, each detail counts, and every question is important. - Enjoy the real estate journey – Everyone has unique needs/wants, I make every effort to make the buying or selling journey as enjoyable as possible. I care about people and believe listening is key to having a successful outcome. I believe in being forthright and tell people what they need to hear versus want to hear. I am there every step of the way.